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Topic: [LANG] Spanish Translation

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Re: [LANG] Spanish Translation

ahhh.... How I hate freepascale, it's was much harder to make something like TileList as I thougth... Anyway the single problem that needs to be fix before next release is Drag&Drop... I hope i finish it tommorow...

This is short update of translation to final version, please translate it:

Loading=Loading: %s
Updates=Checking for updates...

FormTitle=Fill Options
FillType=Fill Type:

MessageDlgCaption=Parsing Error in "%s"
MessageDlgTxtLine1=Error: %s
MessageDlgTxtLine2=in file "%s".
MessageDlgTxtLine3=Press [Abort] to terminate CentrEd+, [Retry] to reload file and [Ignore] to skip parsing and continue loading.
blTagBrushAttrID=Missmatch or wrong <ID> attribute in BrushID: %.4d ("%s"). Brush ID must be larger  0 and less than 9999
blTagBrushDuplicate=Duplicated BrushID: %.4d
blTagBrushEmpty=Declared empty BrushID: %.4d
blTagTileAttrID=Missmatch or wrong <ID> attribute of <Tile> or <Land> tag in BrushID: %.4d
blTagTileAttrIDOutOfRange=TileID: 0x%.4x (%.5d) in BrushID: %.4d is higher than $3FFF
blTagTileRedeclaration=Redeclaration TileID: 0x%.4x (%.5d) in BrushID: %.4d
blTagEdgeAttrTo=Missmatch or wrong <To> attribute of <Edge> tag in BrushID: %.4d. Brush ID can be larger 0 and less than 9999
blTagTile2AttrType=Missmatch or wrong <Type> attribute in TileID: 0x%.4x (%.5d) in Edge to BrushID:%.4d of BrushID: %.4d
blTagTile2AttrID=Missmatch or wrong <ID> attribute of <Tile> or <Land> tag in Edge of BrushID: %.4d
blTagTile2AttrIDOutOfRange=TileID: 0x%.4x (%.5d) in Edge of BrushID: %.4d is higher than $3FFF
blTagTile2Redeclaration=Redeclaration TileID: 0x%.4x (%.5d) in Edge of BrushID: %.4d
blTagEdgeUnknown=In BrushId: %.4d detected unknown Edge to BrushID: %.4d
Game isn't a dream, it is the reality, reality which is coming while we dream...

Re: [LANG] Spanish Translation

Good news - Drag&Drop issue solved, otherwise small changes arround 132 line:

SettingsTileList=Tiles and objects lists

changed to:

SettingsMainTileList=Main objects lists
SettingsMiscTileList=Misc objects lists
SettingsTileListDrawInfo=Show object info

the first is option to main tile list and the second to others like random lists and so on...

PS I hope you  be able update lang before release....

Game isn't a dream, it is the reality, reality which is coming while we dream...

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Re: [LANG] Spanish Translation

Thank you very much for the hard work! StaticZ

I added the last update from the code you posted, but I could see if everything is correct.

I have CedServer  Build=229, and the client Centred+  Build=1005.


Re: [LANG] Spanish Translation

Thanks, I Upload today new version, (Server Build=260, Client - 1560).

Please take translate from there - as I put there text in right order to make mergering and compare with english one easy. I also replace yours in 1st post.

Game isn't a dream, it is the reality, reality which is coming while we dream...

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Re: [LANG] Spanish Translation


Updating the translation with new content!